Editor's Letter Nov/Dec 2023

The Next Trip


As we all put a wrap on 2023 and look forward to the next trip around the sun, I
cannot help but be thankful. Thankful for you, thankful for your devotion to stewardship,
and thankful for the opportunity to participate in a nation where we can thrive and
Perched on a chair, looking at our stretch of the Brazos River here, I can see carp
tailing the shallow water. I know further upstream, Largemouth bass haunt a stretch of
the channel, deeper than our piece of the river.
When I was a kid, gigging and tossing those carp on the shore to feed less-than-
deserving raccoons or buzzards was fun. With a career of fisheries management in my
biological rear-view mirror, my perspective has changed.
Carp are digging into the river bottom, sucking up heaven-knows-what,
swallowing it and changing some of that muddy stuff into carp flesh. Makes sense today.
I’m thankful for that. Those bottom-feeders are, at the very least, consuming
something other fish won’t, and converting it into flesh.
Hurray for carp in the river.
Studying our ecosystems, our ponds and lakes, has become much more than
trying to figure out how to grow the biggest game fish on the planet, or even how to
produce a sunfish worthy of a five-year-old’s battle on a Snoopy rod bought as an
afterthought because it’s Christmas-time.
We’re all caregivers, caretakers, and stewards of something...whether it’s our
land, or family, or our pristine waters we cherish.
Congratulations to all of us, we’re learning about pond and lake management,
how to take better care of our resources, with a strong sense to enjoy that journey as we
take it.
Many people dig into this pond management thing with concrete goals and
specific targets to accomplish. Rarely do they actually see it’s more a
bout the journey than it is about their destination.
I’m thankful for each of you and knowing you are in this stewardship thing for the
long haul.
The next trip around the sun promises to be another fun journey, even if we think
we know the destination


A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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