What People are saying about their Pond Boss Conference Experience

Still not convinced that attending a Pond Boss Conference is worth your while? Check out what other attendees and vendors have to say:

From Attendees

"I’ve been a member of the Pond Boss Forum since March of 2007. The ability to ask questions and get answers from the “Pond Boss” himself, other fisheries biologists, pond/water professionals, pond fanatics, and regular pond owners such as myself has been instrumental in helping me toward the goals I have for my one acre pond in southern Mississippi.

Along the way, I heard about the Pond Boss V Conference to be held on Missouri’s Lake Table Rock in October, 2012. My wife, Jodi, and I signed up for what we thought would be a nice drive to and through beautiful Ozark Mountains scenery to first class accommodations and views of the lake. We got all of that and more, but the true highlights were actually the conference itself. The first night of the conference was the “meet and greet" where you learn about general pond management. The conference also offered specific sessions on water quality, aeration, fish feeding, wildlife habitat, pond fish experimentation, pond building/issue resolution, aquatic plant and muck management, and nuisance management.

The presenters of the sessions were all leaders in their respective fields but the best part was the ability to have one-on-one conversations with these folks about specific issues your pond presents or ways to make it better. A side note to this conference was that it brought Jodi into the forefront of the technical knowledge required to maintain a pond as she has never “taken to” peruse the forum daily as I do.

The next Pond Boss Conference couldn’t come fast enough for me. Pond Boss VI was scheduled for February, 2015. Happily, this conference didn’t disappoint Jodi and me. At the “meet and greet” I met new members and others that I didn’t get to meet at Pond Boss V and caught up with others that I had met at the previous conference. The sessions were, once again, top notch and interesting subjects that all pond owners and enthusiasts would have interest. Just like after Pond Boss V, I immediately become ready for the next Conference which is now scheduled for October, 2017. Jodi and I signed up immediately and are ready for the next installment." - Dan Stauder


"Looking forward to our fourth PondBoss Conference in October! We’re always astounded by the first rate accommodations and the well-organized event. They offer not only a wide variety of informative and entertaining sessions, but valuable resources, helpful vendors, and plenty of time for fellowship with our forum friends. If you desire to bring your pond to the next level while enjoying a relaxing and entertaining weekend—don’t miss this opportunity! See you there!" - Bryan & Connie Immink


"Connie and I are really looking forward to the next Pond Boss Conference on October 12-14 this year in Montgomery Texas. We both love these conference and have attended all of them. I like to say that this conference is like a family reunion where you actually like all of your relatives. We have made some great friendships at this conference and have extended the friendships through the Pond Boss website Forum.

As the owner of two small ponds we have learned so much about aeration, fertilization, fish feeding, population control and other pond related subjects. The great thing about the conference is that the selection of speakers ranges from guys who just love their ponds and have done and learned by day to day activities to scientists, educators and pond professionals. I believe that the conferences often have five or more PHD educators who specialize in fishery and pond related activities. Besides all of this, Bob & Debbie Lusk are the ultimate hosts and know how to make folks feel welcome." - Fred Bingaman

From Vendors

"Outdoor Water Solutions has been an exhibitor at each Pond Boss conference now for at least 10 years. We continue to be impressed both with the quality of attendees and the programming. If you’re new to managing or pond or even if you’ve been doing it for 25 years, you’ll come away with lots of new information on how to grow bigger and better fish. There is no better place, anywhere to find this much information in one spot." - John Redd, President, Outdoor Water Solutions Inc.


"The Pond Boss Conference brings together like-minded people from lake management experts to pond and lake owners from across the county. The event provides many opportunities to promote Texas Hunter fish feeders, network with our business partners and connect with new customers. The high quality of attendees makes this a “must” show for Texas Hunter Products and is a powerful tool for visibility, presence and expanding our brand." - Chris Blood, Director of Marketing, Texas Hunter Products

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