Meet Dave Sefton

This series highlights speakers coming to the Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo. Speakers will present on a variety of topics, from aeration to wildlife management, as it relates to pond management and growing bigger fish. Learn more about the Pond Boss Conference here.
Dave grew up on a small farm in south-central Illinois. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, and enjoys shooting sports. He is employed by Illinois Dept. of Transportation. He uses his own property to provide ponds that will support plants, fish and wildlife, not only to preserve, but also to teach. He immensely enjoys his hobby--that of helping to preserve nature’s heritage, voluntarily using his resources, land and equipment to help provide the means to do so, and help teach young people (and adults) about nature’s gifts and ways to protect and preserve them. He began his own business in the early ‘70’s. He also donated many hours of labor and machinery to help with community and county projects. He also worked with residents for a safe water supply. Most of all, he has turned his 46+ years of experience as an equipment operator reshaping Mother Earth into a hobby of designing and building unique custom ponds.

Listen to Dave during the following session:

The In’s and Out’s of Pond Construction: So, you’re thinking about building a Pond?
From plans to pitfalls to fulfilling your dreams, listen as these experts take you through the
process. Case studies and real world projects dominate this session.


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