Meet Dr. Bruce Condello

This series highlights speakers coming to the Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo. Speakers will present on a variety of topics, from aeration to wildlife management, as it relates to pond management and growing bigger fish. Learn more about the Pond Boss Conference here.


Bruce Condello, Roca, NE, is a dentist and fish management hobbyist.  He has spoken at all previous Pond Boss conferences, and prides himself in creative approaches to achieve fisheries goals.  Bruce has several line-class world records to his credit and has been a moderator on the Pond Boss Forum "Ask the Boss" for many years. 

Listen to Bruce during the following sessions:

Pond Pros Series Breakfast: This event is focused on industry professionals and has limited seating. Interested in attending? Call our office at 800-687-6075

Wade In: A Deeper Look at Managing Your Waters - Inside the Pond, Outside the Box- Using unconvential methods to pursue your pond passions.    

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