• March/April 1997
    March/April 1997 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Get A Grip. Planning the key to controlling weeds by B.Lusk. discusses M.Johnson's advice. RECIPE. E-Z Breezy Ceviche. Chunked fish appetizer w/ tortilla chips. Sounds like a fish salsa. ASK POND BOSS. A. Advice for siteing a small AK lake...
  • January/February 1997
    January/February 1997 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Jump-Starting. Stocking Adult Fish - Pitfalls & Payoffs. Plus advice from several experts. Well Managed Pond. Cleansing From Bottom To Top. by E.Hedlund, in WI. FIELD NOTES. A. Solar powered aerator brielfy noted. B.C.D. Cormorants, SePro...
  • November/December 1996
    November/December 1996 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Tall Tails. Cattails Pose a Potential Threat. All about cattails and how to manage them. Suprise Fish. Rio Grande perch described. FIELD NOTES. A. S.Jones Louisburg NC decides fish eating birds not a major threat. B. VA study finds catfish grow...
  • September/October 1996
    September/October 1996 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Tagged At Home. New harmless fish tagging product helps track your fish - "Fin Pal" Culling For Quality. When to use catch & release and when to remove. Short Insert. How to handle big fish for release FIELD NOTES. A. CO study...
  • July/August 1996
    July/August 1996 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Dig It Baby. Adding depth to shoreline controls weeds. M.Otto's hints & how to's for deepening shoreline areas. Feds Relax On Cormorant Permits. Laws allow removal of cormorants. ASK PBOSS. Tilapia pros and cons. FIELD NOTES. A. Fast...
  • May/June 1996
    May/June 1996 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Catch As Catch Can. Wade Middleton comments how fishing and boating presure hampers bass fishing. Skinny Bsss? How to fix a skinny bass problem. WEED PATROL. Early Weed Growth Baffles Fisheries Pros. Some pondweeds can get a head start in spring...
  • March/April 1996
    March/April 1996 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Great Scott. B.A.S.S. Founder Built Pond in Mid-60's. Ray Scott pond building described. The Plot Thickens. Mapping Your Lake is a Management Tool. How to ceate a contour map of your lake-pond. Plus calc. water volume of lake. Spring Thaw...
  • January/February 1996
    January/February 1996 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Cutting Back. Tips from the Pros On Winter Feeding. Lusk, Arms, and Edwards offer feeding tips during cold weather. Snow Cap Puts Fish On Ice. Ouwinga (MI) & Michell (CO) offer tips to prevent winter kill. Mixing The Forage Base. Job one is...
  • November/December 1995
    November/December 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Fish Kills. Overgrown weeds, warm water lead to major fish die offs. By M.McCune Field Notes. A. Fish growth benefits after low water levels. B. Problems with stockpiling fish. C. TN prison buys "Basic Pond Mgmt" by B.Lusk. D. Hydrila...
  • September/October 1995
    September/October 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Live Bait or Lure? Study shows impact of hooks on bass. Fields Notes. A. WY paperwork for fish removal. B. Cormorant problem noted. C. Field & Stream has article about fee-fishing lakes. D. Modern Book of Black Bass 1995 Ed. available...
  • July/August 1995
    July/August 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Wanna Play? Fishing Pros and filming crews often use private watrers. Article. Rotenone Revisited. Additional application tips that were overlooked in the May-Jun issue. Hints from M. McCune. Shaking A Shad Problem. How to thin g.shad when...
  • May/June 1995
    May/June 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Fueling Your Forage. Things to do to improve the forage base and raise bigger bass. Florida Fisheries Face 'Crisis'. Hydrilla big problem in FL lakes. Getting To Root Of The Problem. Grass carp & catfish sometimes not a good...
  • March/April 1995
    March/April 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Texas Bass Record Falls. What mgmt techniques H. Arms used in Mills County 80 ac Lk to produce 15.7 lb bass. Insert: Run silent, run deep. Trophy angler describes his favorite fishing method. Obituary for John H.Clift. OK - TX journalist...
  • January/February 1995
    January/February 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Fly Your Own F-1 Hybrid. Notes, discussion and comparison of Florida bass and it's F-1 hybrid; benefits & biology discussed. Top Off With Talapia. Benefits of using tilapia as forage for growing trophy bass. PBoss Field Notes. A. World...
  • November/December 1994
    November/December 1994 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Grow Monster Bluegill. Coppernose bgill described & explored. Big Bass On A Budget. Profile of mgmt efforts at Lake Junkpile, lease ranch. PB Field Notes. A. Turtles rarely a problem. B. Grass carp problem in TX? C. Fisheries man describes...
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