• March/April 2002
    March/April 2002 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Tasty Recipe For Big Fish. Basic Information on liming ponds. Caring For Your Catch. Numerous ways of handling harvested fish. Northern Pond. Zebra Mussel Threatens Northern Ponds. Hints for reducing spread. NOTE. These pests if introduced will...
  • January/February 2002
    January/February 2002 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Get The Angle On Algae. B. Lusk. Types of algae in ponds & basic treatment techniques. Northern Pond. Algae Challenges Northern Pond Owners. Advice from pros up north. Ask PBoss. A. Deep water protects threadfins in GA. B. Pond depth...
  • November/December 2001
    November/December 2001 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Fish Genetics For Pondmeisters. Hope or hype?. B.Lusk's guidelines & valuable insight for genetics of the pond's fishery. Stocking The Right Fish. Tips on testing the genetics of your fish. Ask P.Boss. A. Will LMB eat catfish and...
  • September/October 2001
    September/October 2001 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. New Studies Highlight Native Plants. Importance of aquatic plants, beneficial amounts, some good and bad types listed. Stocking Your Own "Good Plants". M.MCune's hints and favorites. Ask P.Boss. A. Leaky pond posed challenge. B...
  • July/August 2001
    July/August 2001 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Startup Strategy. Pro tips on building a new pond. Part I.Planning. Lawmakers Stand By Texas Pond Owners. TX reduces restrictions for ponds on private land. Ask P.Boss. A. Is supplemental feeding useful to bass? B. Best plans for rebuilt pond...
  • May/June 2001
    May/June 2001 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Attitude Adjustment. SE Pond Mgmt Team. Old vs new mgmt philosophies explored. Bass-Killing Virus Now Confirmed in 15 States. Ask PBoss. A. Crappies a problem for KS pond. B. Advice for SMB in NC. C. Catfish hogging feed and advice on...
  • March/April 2001
    March/April 2001 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Straight Shooters. B.Lusk. Tips on choosing a fisheries professional. Apples To Apples, Fish To Fish. Learn to buy stocker fish on value. Managing Mini-Pond. Taking Water and Fish Samples. Customers Write. A. TX pond owner in hurry to wait. B...
  • January/February 2001
    January/February 2001 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Rearing To Go. Tips from pros on building a nursery pond. Grow your own baitfish. Ask PBoss. A. How to promote crayfish populations. B. Hints for finding fish to catch in 1.5ac. C. When to stock a filling pond and 500 vs 1000 bream per acre. D...
  • November/December 2000
    November/December 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Weed The Garden. Customsize fish harvest to fit your pond goals. Harvest, Harvest, Harvest - A Success Story. excerpt from 'Raising Trophy Bass'. Ask The PBoss. A. Add lime to change pH. B. Filamentous algae after fertilizing. C. How to...
  • September/October 2000
    September/October 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. ABC's of Forage (B.Lusk). All types of forage items for the sport fish pond. Dos&don'ts. Plus, Snack Food-Quick-fixes for bass to grow. Short article about coppernose bgill. Ask The P.Boss. A. Tips on fertilizing clear water. B...
  • July/August 2000
    July/August 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. The Cure For Skinny Fish. Fish harvesting guidelines advice of the pros. Dispelling the Myths. Tips from 'Raising Trophy Bass'. Ask The PBoss. A. Redears control grubs in other fish. B. Structure for 2 ac pond & problems of hay...
  • May/June 2000
    May/June 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. From The Bottom UP. Pond basin impt for base of fishery. LMB virus in the SE. Giant Bulrush. Description & role in pond. Managing Mini-Pond. IN pondowner describes fish harvest from 6 year old pond. Ask The P.Boss. A. Bacterial additions...
  • March/April 2000
    March/April 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Algae Alert. Pros offer tips for the control of algae. Copper Compounds and Algae--The Flip Side. Natural control reviewed & disadvantages of coppersulfate and alternative use chelated copper products. Includes 13 algae prevention tips...
  • January/February 2000
    January/February 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Feds Probe Cormorants. Cormorant, Q&A. Take The Work Out Of Fertilizing. Clever method of distributing fertilizer. Ask The P.Boss. A. Reader doesn't see fry from bgill beds. B. Request for pond specialist in upper SC. C. Query about...
  • November/December 1999
    November/December 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Ponder Your Pond. Winter mgmt. hints from the pros. Noxious Plant Invades South. Giant salvinia aggressive floating aquatic weed described. Field Notes. A. Fishing tournament for piranha. B. Sonar treatment controls milfoil in NY reservoir. Ask...
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