• September/October 2004
    September/October 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND - Silt Nature's Pond Pudding. All about silt that collects in ponds. SUMMER/FALL HABITAT EVALUATION AND MAINTENANCE by D.VanSchaik. Upland habitat described, benefits noted and which animals commonly prefer each type. TAMING TIGER TROUT by...
  • July/August 2004
    July/August 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND – Stratification ….Layered Water. WILDLIFE DISEASES AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT by D.VanSchaik. Basics covered about various common diseases of several bird and animal groups. AQUATIC PLANTS … EMERGENT AND FLOATING LEAF...
  • May/June 2004
    May/June 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND - Several fish stocking ideas for small ponds. ATTRACTING AND KEEPING MORE WILDLIFE On Our Property by D.VanSchaik. Things to do to provide habitat, cover and food for extra wildlife on your land, including a listing of suggested aquatic...
  • March/April 2004
    March/April 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND – Shoreline Plants – Basic advise for waterside plants. AVIAN VISIORS FRIEND OR FAUX. In-depth discussion of wading birds, diving fishermen, swimming/diving waterfowl, Corvids (crows ravens jays), birds of prey. PB READER BUILDS...
  • January/February 2004
    January/February 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT THE MINI-POND – Feeding Fish – The basics described NUSIANCE FURBEARERS….Gnawing at Pondside by D.VanSchaik. Tips for managing beavers, nutria and muskrats. TAKING STOCK OF YOUR STOCK by B.Lusk. 33 ac Flagg Lk fishing declined with...
  • November/December 2003
    November/December 2003 — Back Issues
    DESTRATIFICATION, An insurance policy for your lake by N.Latona Jr. Norm describes the basics of bottom aeration. CUSTOMERS WRITE. New York Pond Completed. Creation of 1/2 ac pond in NY described. "WINTERIZING YOUR POND" by S. Wyman. Things to do...
  • September/October 2003
    September/October 2003 — Back Issues
    COVER STORY. BALANCING ACT. Stocking strategies to create fish populations in harmony by B.Lusk. Bob uses two examples of how a proper fish stocking can go askew. DECISION TIME: Choose Spray Aeration Or Diffuser? KEEPING THE FUN IN POND CONSTRUCTION. by...
  • July/August 2003
    July/August 2003 — Back Issues
    COVER STORY. HARVEST TIME. Learn how to hold'em, when to fillet 'em. B.LUSK. Basic concepts of when and how to harvest your fish. Suppliment Article by B.Lusk. The Fish Garden -Plant, Grow, Harvest. ASK PBOSS. Barley Straw Stiffles Pond Goo. Basics...
  • May/June 2003
    May/June 2003 — Back Issues
    SELECTIVE VEGETATION CONTROL. by McDonald. Advice provided by M.Johnson, M.Mongin (SePro) & K.Duffie. PURPLE MARTINS AND PONDS. S. Wyman. Basics of P.Martin colonies. Short article. Martin found in Bass Stomach. ASK POND BOSS. A. Role of bullheads...
  • March/April 2003
    March/April 2003 — Back Issues
    HOMEMADE AERATION ON THE CHEAP. by C.Potts. Describes a simple small scale inexpensive aerator for ponds. Know Pond Life: Tapegrass - cover for fish. description, distribution, pond role, field notes. TESAN STARTS GIVING SHAPE TO HIS DREAM. by B.Lusk...
  • January/February 2003
    January/February 2003 — Back Issues
    LAND, WATER, BASS BLUEGILL AND A DREAM - T.Halter describes designing, building and stocking a 3 acre pond. CURLY-LEAF PONDWEED GETS FAST START : Description, life history and pond tip. POND OWNERS WARNED OF INVASIVE SPECIES. Tips on preventing introduction...
  • November/December 2002
    November/December 2002 — Back Issues
    Bass Bluegill & A Cabin. Lakes of Danbury featured. Farm Bill 2002 Offers $10 Billion. Giant 'Gator Released. Cover Story. No Time To Rest. B.Lusk. Off season pond mgmt tips: aeration, habitat, size, mapping, fish behavior, drawdown, dirt work. Ask...
  • September/October 2002
    September/October 2002 — Back Issues
    Alien Fish-Eater. Snakeheads in FL & MA. What Price Pond? Hints for building the correct pond and its cost. Cover Story. Why Feed Your Fish? B.Lusk. Why feed and how to do it right. Northern Pond. As Winter Nears, Cut back On Feed. R.Carlson's...
  • July/August 2002
    July/August 2002 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Bullish On Bluegill. Some basic facts about bgill in ponds. Insert- Maggot Box Feeder. Colorado Climate, Elevation A Challenge. M.Mitchell's version of raising bgill in CO. Room With A View - And Fishing. TX bed & breakfast with 8 ac...
  • May/June 2002
    May/June 2002 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Selective Harvest. Pros offer advice on what fish to harvest & bag limits. Article. Selective Harvest Ray Scott Style. B.A.S.S. master's tips for producing big bold bass. Northern Pond. Threat Of Bass virus Spills Into MI. Ask PBoss. A...
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