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  • July/August 2006
    July/August 2006 — Back Issues
    FRAGMENTED LANDSCAPES. Van Schaik gives insight about contiguous cover and edge affect for enhancing wildlife on your property. Dan uses quail as an example of why and how to de-fragment your upland cover to produce protected travel corridors. LINED...
  • May/June 2006
    May/June 2006 — Back Issues
    AVIAN INFLUENZA AND WILDLIFE. Van Schaik provides lots of good information about bird flu and its spread. FERTILIZATION OF PONDS. Lusk discusses fertilize or not to fertilize. OSPREY ….FISH EATERS. Know Pond Life. Ospery features and habits. ALGAE AND...
  • March/April 2006
    March/April 2006 — Back Issues
    INTEGRATING WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT. VanSchaik discusses how wildlife management can interact with other types of property management. TURTLES. Keith Stelter examines a few common features about turtles associated with the pond. SCUM, SLIME, MOSS, PUTRID GLOBS...
  • January/February 2006
    January/February 2006 — Back Issues
    DEER FEVER. Van Schaik presents several very informative concepts for growing trophy whitetail deer. DO YOU HAVE BRYOZOANS? Cornwell describes these creatures, where they grow and what the look like. WAY UP OVER THE RAINBOW TROUT. Mike Mitchell describes...
  • November/December 2005
    November/December 2005 — Back Issues
    WILD HOGS …. GAME ANIMAL OR NUISANCE D. VanSchaik. Dan goes over the basics of feral hogs – reproduction, behavior, damage, benefits. GREAT BLUE HERON – Lusk looks at blue heron in Know Your Pond Life. BLUEGILL NESTING - Dr Willis...
  • September/October 2005
    September/October 2005 — Back Issues
    COST SHARE PROGRAMS FOR WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT. VanSchaik explores the various government programs to help wildlife habitat. MORTALITY RATES –FISH BIOLOGY 101. Willis gives basic info for annual natural deaths. DRAGONFLIES – Know Your Pond Life...
  • July/August 2005
    July/August 2005 — Back Issues
    RIPARIAN AND WETLANDS ECOSYSTEMS. VanSchaik examines in detail the vegetated buffer zones of streams and basics of wetland ecosystems. THE SECRET LIFE OF BLUEGILL. Willis explains the reproductive biology of bluegills that includes "cuckold males"...
  • May/June 2005
    May/June 2005 — Back Issues
    SPRING IS OFFSPRING. VanSchaik reviews the breeding season and numbers of young for deer, coyote, bobcat, raccoon, skunks, turkey, quail, ducks, doves, muskrat and nutria. WHICH AERATION SYSTEM SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? Lusk reviews the basic types of aeration:...
  • March/April 2005
    March/April 2005 — Back Issues
    SEPARATING WHEAT FROM CHAFF. Myths and Mysteries of Wildlife Management. VanSchaik. Deer forage items, quail hints, birds of prey diets, chiggers & pheasants, wild hog problems, proper protein for bird feeding BUILDING THE PERFECT BLUEGILL. Condello...
  • January/February 2005
    January/February 2005 — Back Issues
    WALLEYES IN NORTHERN PONDS. D. Willis discusses basics of walleyes for ponds, includes chart of ave lengths and wts. POPULATION CENSUS & EVALUATION CONTROL. VanSchaik discusses proper whitetail deer mgmt. BIG BASS LIVE WHERE THEY ARE. Lusk describes how...
  • November/December 2004
    November/December 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND – Analyzing Water. Some basic facts about water and its distribution on earth. THE POND AT DRY HEAVES by M.Scotto. An Army veteran describes his small backyard pond on Long Island NY. POND BOSS WORLD TOUR III by B.Lusk. Ed's pond...
  • September/October 2004
    September/October 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND - Silt Nature's Pond Pudding. All about silt that collects in ponds. SUMMER/FALL HABITAT EVALUATION AND MAINTENANCE by D.VanSchaik. Upland habitat described, benefits noted and which animals commonly prefer each type. TAMING TIGER TROUT by...
  • July/August 2004
    July/August 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND – Stratification ….Layered Water. WILDLIFE DISEASES AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT by D.VanSchaik. Basics covered about various common diseases of several bird and animal groups. AQUATIC PLANTS … EMERGENT AND FLOATING LEAF...
  • May/June 2004
    May/June 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND - Several fish stocking ideas for small ponds. ATTRACTING AND KEEPING MORE WILDLIFE On Our Property by D.VanSchaik. Things to do to provide habitat, cover and food for extra wildlife on your land, including a listing of suggested aquatic...
  • March/April 2004
    March/April 2004 — Back Issues
    MGMT MINI POND – Shoreline Plants – Basic advise for waterside plants. AVIAN VISIORS FRIEND OR FAUX. In-depth discussion of wading birds, diving fishermen, swimming/diving waterfowl, Corvids (crows ravens jays), birds of prey. PB READER BUILDS...
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