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  • May/June 2012
    May/June 2012 — Back Issues
    Young Bluegill Growth ... Possible determining factors. Riparian Areas... Learn their benefits and value. Aquatic Vegetation... The good, the bad, and the balancing act. P is for Phosphorous... What is it? Pond Boss V... Registration details inside ! Bird...
  • March/April 2012
    March/April 2012 — Back Issues
    Bacteria, Algae ... Is it that big of a deal? Clarity and Turbidity - Understand their differences. Channel Catfish - Water bloodhounds with a plan. Myths and misconceptions about catfish ... Learn the facts. Future of Wildlife - Will agriculture win...
  • January/February 2012
    January/February 2012 — Back Issues
    Docks - Many reasons, depending on your wishes. On Nothern Pond - Farm raised fish, compared to wild caught. Water Chemistry - It doesn't take a PhD to understand pH. Managing Wildlife? - Learn about brush cover. Aquatic Plants - Love them or murder the...
  • November/December 2011
    November/December 2011 — Back Issues
    Fish behavior - Learn why certain fish behave different ways in your pond… Want to catch a few fall fish? Brad Wiegmann offers tips & pointers. What’s in your water? A second primer on water quality & basics of chemistry. Nesting...
  • September/October 2011
    September/October 2011 — Back Issues
    The September-October issue of Pond Boss offers up information on a campaign near and dear to the Pond Boss Family, " I Support Outdoor Education ." Take a minute to read about this worthy cause and hear from Alan Warren, who is spearheading this...
  • July/August 2011
    July/August 2011 — Back Issues
    The July-August issue of Pond Boss is timely, full of information you can actually use. Learn about using native fish to stock in your area. Planting for wildlife this time of year? Listen to what wildlife biologist Dan VanSchaik has to say. Editor Bob Lusk...
  • May/June 2011
    May/June 2011 — Back Issues
    The May/June issue is loaded with exciting new information. Want to grow vegetables and clean your water at the same time? Aquaponics might be your gig.
  • March/April 2011
    March/April 2011 — Back Issues
    The March-April 2011 issue of Pond Boss is brimming with information you can use. Want to learn more about the Pond Boss IV Conference & Expo (April 14-16, 2011)? Bob Lusk shares exciting news about the program and announces the keynote speaker, outdoor...
  • January/February 2011
    January/February 2011 — Back Issues
    The January-February 2011 issue of Pond Boss is loaded with timely information. Learn how flocks of geese impact your waters. Learn how to figure if your bass are overcrowded and then what to do. Hungry bass? Should you feed them live rainbow trout? Get some...
  • November/December 2010
    November/December 2010 — Back Issues
    SOMETIMES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. Jeff Slipke describes and interesting fishery in a AR 30 ac pond containing 15 species of fish. Good fishery with too few bass; an unusual natural fertility situation producing lots of quality fish. WHAT IS A BLOOM? Lusk goes...
  • September/October 2010
    September/October 2010 — Back Issues
    GREAT BLUE HERON. Cecil Baird explains about the biology of herons and some non-lethal control methods. STOCKING A VARIETY OF SUNFISH. Lusk presents information and discussion for stocking eight species of sunfish: bluegill, redear, redbreast, rock bass...
  • July/August 2010
    July/August 2010 — Back Issues
    JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED FOR YOUR POND... AN RAS. Cecil Baird tells how he built a recirculating aquaculture fish tank in his basement. Good how to info. Reference for Small Scale Aquaculture book. WATER SNAKES. Lusk provides numerous details about snakes living...
  • May/June 2010
    May/June 2010 — Back Issues
    BLUEGILL – BACKBONE OR BANE? NORTH VS SOUTH. Dave Beasly looks at the pros and cons of bluegill in the north and south and how best to manage them. HYBRID BLUEGILL. Lusk reviews the pros and cons, carrying capacity and options for these fish. REDEAR...
  • March/April 2010
    March/April 2010 — Back Issues
    ALGAE CONTROL Scott Tucker looks at philosophy and options of dealing with problem algae. Explores nutrient control, light reduction, barley straw, herbacious fish, chemicals, microbes, and aeration. LOST LOON. Greg Grimes tells of having a loon on his small...
  • January/February 2010
    January/February 2010 — Back Issues
    LOS AMIGOS. A RANCH FOR FRIENDS. Bob McFarland reviews Fred Middleton's 1200ac ranch and ponds, 5 lakes, boathouse and wildlife. WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FISH? Lusk explains what to look for if your fish have health problems. Gives symptoms of bad water...
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