American Fish Tree

We couldn't have our Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo without this great group of vendors. Learn a little more about each one, their products and their contact information.

American Fish Attractor & Habitat, LLC was born from my passion and thrill of catching and releasing fish. Whether it is the thump of a slab crappie or the torque of a lunker bass, catching a fish brings laughter, excitement, and joy to all.

Fishing is fun, but habitat loss can diminish any angler’s success. The slow days can be discouraging for both the seasoned pro and the young novice. At American Fish Attractor & Habitat LLC, we want to do our part by offering an alternative to the natural process of habitat loss and enhance the places where you want to fish. Fishing is the second most popular activity among adult outdoor enthusiasts, and it is our goal to provide an everlasting habitat product that is environmentally friendly, safe to use, and that greatly improves your fish-catching odds. No more wrestling weighted and bulky Christmas tree brush piles or hang-ups in woody snags. Our habitat structures are engineered and designed to improve the sustainability of the fisheries that you want to enjoy and give you the ease of casting to them.

Many of our happiest memories come from a grandparent, parent, or friend who took us fishing once. We can all remember the first fish we landed or the excitement of watching a bobber dance, and then disappear. American Fish Attractor wants those outings to your favorite fishing spots to be successful adventures filled with memories shared with family and friends.

Create your next honey hole with the American Fish Tree and take a buddy fishing today!

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