Stump Busters

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Humorous cartoon aside, stumps in the lake are serious! People die because of hidden, lurking stumps every year. Sure, there is a place for them in the ecosystem, but navigation lanes, next to docks and the middle of recreational boating areas are not among them. It is no longer necessary to tolerate these hazards, the STUMPBOAT has arrived!

Our custom built boat can remove stumps from around your dock and along your approach channel. This portable, self-contained, entirely from-the-water process, removes the tree remnants to the lake bottom, or up to 11' below the water level- without disturbing the lake bottom or the shoreline! We float the equipment in and float the stumps out.
A lake full of stumps or only a few; large diameter or small, this boat can handle them! Our boat is maneuverable and can operate equally well in fairly shallow or in deep water.

  • Boat lanes
  • Navigation channels
  • Lake perimeters
  • Clear cutting
  • Ski/recreation areas
  • Around docks
  • Near ramps
  • On lakes, rivers or ponds are among the services we can provide.
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