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Brought to you by the Aquafix Laboratories

Our lab focuses on the development of three types of products: bacterial products natural to a lake or pond, biostimulants to stimulate a pond’s unique bacteria, and products to affect a plant and speed its degradation. At Aquafix, our first and most important role is that of a research lab. We dedicate our resources to studying the whole spectrum of pond and lake problems at our state-of-the-art biological laboratory. The knowledge we gain from our research is used to develop natural and sustainable bio-technologies.

How our technology works

We are continuously studying the bacterial communities that live in waterways and around aquatic plants and algae. The products we create play off the strengths and weaknesses of those communities. Many of our products also feature beneficial bacterial strains as well. We use archaea, pseudomona, and nitrifying cultures, grown in-house by our lab team.

 These cultures help to fixate phosphorous and lower ammonia and nitrates in the water column. The strains grown at Aquafix are selected for their ability to sustain themselves and work in harmony with helpful aquatic communities as well as aiding natural selection. The longevity of our bacteria makes a difference: customers have told us that no other bacterial products sustain their water like ours do.

We have developed products that address the root causes of pond and lake issues: to fixate nutrients, reduce muck levels, clarify water, and improve the treatment of algae and aquatic plants.


 Aquafix offers personalized service and dedicated customer support. For our customers, we offer:

  • Products supported by years of innovative research
  • Four levels of lab testing

  • Ongoing studies of the most pressing pond and lake issues

  • Technical support for all our customers

  • Private labeling



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