We couldn't have our Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo without this great group of vendors. Learn a little more about each one, their products and their contact information.

Connect-A-Dock Inc. is a Subsidiary of Owner Revolution Inc.

A company dedicated to uncompromising quality and service. As an ESOP company, Connect-A-Dock Inc. is sensitive to preserving our natural resources just as you are. We invite you to discover the synergy of working together for an even better waterfront experience.

The company’s current line of marine products includes the Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series-Low Profile floating docks and the 2000 Series-High Profile floating docks. Connect-A-Dock Inc. will continually provide our customers with innovative new marine products. Buy now a variety dock accessories online @

Contact us with your installation needs, and we will quote your application at no cost or obligation.

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