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Proper nutrition is one of the key management factors required in establishing and maintaining a successful fish population in a pond.

Especially valuable is having an adequate crop of "forage" fish. These will be smaller fish, such as minnows, bluegill and small catfish. A sufficient population of these fish will provide the "food" that larger fish, such as bass and trout, will need to prey upon to thrive.

Benefits of supplemental fish feeding
A supplemental fish feeding program can help to ensure a consistent food supply for the sport fish in your pond.

Catfish, bluegills, minnows and many other species all benefit directly from a supplemental feeding program. These fish tend to utilize feed extremely efficiently. In the proper environment, fish can convert feed at a 2:1 ratio, producing a full pound of weight gain for each 2 pounds of feed. Fish that are fed grow faster and have increased reproductive potential too.

Supplemental feeding will also attract forage fish to a specific area in a larger body of water such as a lake or river, which in turn, draws in and holds a larger sport fish population.

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