The Water Cleanser

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The Water Cleanser is a product that when placed in a water system will serve as a breeding microbial mat that promotes the growth of colonies of bacteria and microbes (already found in the water) that feed on organic waste matter, therefore benefitting the overall health of the system. Because of these microbial mats’ ability to use almost any waste as food, they are nature’s own natural way of performing water treatment and cleaning up pollution without the side effects that occur from chemical treatments. It provides the bacteria and microbes with a protective home and the essential trace elements for breeding. These bacteria and microbes can then restore the natural balance to the water through accelerated organic breakdown.

One of the most important things in water is the level of BOD Biologically Dissolved Oxygen. If water is low in BOD, it becomes what is described as dead water, which then allows bad bacteria to thrive.

Water can be cleaned by both oil eating microbes (OEM's) and by beneficial bacteria (BB). The OEM's go in and eat the oils first, followed by the BB that eats the remaining protein.

When water is out of balance, OEM's and BB cannot grow fast enough to clean the water.

The addition of TWC makes these multiply rapidly and constantly, so they then go forth and consume the waste. They keep multiplying and eating until they overcome the waste, then their numbers reduce, they die back to a natural balance. This is why the water turns brown before clearing, it is full of microbes.

When OEM's eat the food source for algae, the algae is starved to death. As the dead algae breaks down, it becomes organic waste, which is then consumed by the OEM's.

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