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We couldn't have our Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo without this great group of vendors.  Learn a little more about each one, their products and their contact information.



Vertex strives for long term, mutually beneficial relationships with both our customers and our employees. Leadership in diffuser technology gives us the ability to offer complete water quality solutions to golf courses, lake communities, marinas and other waterways.





Our Values

Treat people honestly and fairly in all situations

  • Create a comfortable business environment
  • Resolve issues both quickly and fairly
  • Present a professional image and work safely
  • Have a "can-do" attitude
  • Stand behind our commitment of quality, innovation and customer service

Our operational priorities

  • Actively seek customers who value our level of commitment to healthy, aesthetically pleasing lakes and ponds
  • Design products that exceed the needs of our customers
  • Employ highly trained, certified employees to execute your work and reward superior performance
  • Fully support our international network of distributors

Vertex Product Lines

Aeration underwater

Pond and Lake Aeration

Many problems in ponds, lakes, canals, marinas and reservoirs are caused by a lack of oxygen and stratification. Waterways that are "stratified" have increased bottom muck, excessive nutrients, excessive plant and algae growth, and gases. Vertex Water Features advanced diffuser aeration design oxygenates with tiny bubbles that form an ultra-wide column of upward moving water, “turning the pond over” and allowing oxygen to be absorbed at the surface to eliminate these problems. In addition to the basic aeration products, Vertex offers the following product lines to address specific needs:

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Floating Fountains

Healthy ponds and lakes are a source of natural beauty and enjoyment for everyone all by themselves. But, to make your community, park, golf course, hotels, and other lakes stand out from the rest; a custom built floating fountains from Vertex is just what you need.


using products

Micro-Lyfe™ Natural Pond Products

Every pond or lake can present its own unique set of issues to deal with from nutrient overload to unpleasant odors and an overabundance of algae. When problems are allowed to go untreated for too long, aeration alone may not be the best treatment plan. The Micro-Lyfe family of products have been developed to work alone or with aeration to help restore ponds optimal health and beauty.



Contact Information:

Sue Cruz
2100 NW 33rd St
Pompano Beach FL 33069
Phone: (844) 432-4303



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