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  • September/October 2021
    September/October 2021 — Back Issues
    In this issue: Livin' the Dream- Part 1 A Novice's Steep Learning Curve Building Lake Deanna- Part 2 Construction: Zoning In For Lake Managers Only: Worth the Weight Pre-Mediatated Murder- Don't Kill your pond with complacency Revitalize Your...
  • July.August 2021
    July. August 2021 — Back Issues
    In this issue: Building Lake Deanna Part 1 Legendary Fish for a Legendary Ranch Aquatic Plants in Summer Purina Research Farm Lake Early Summer Water Crisis Promising New Method of Wild Hog Control? Where are the Small Ones? Finalizing the Plan Objective:...
  • May/June 2021
    May/June 2021 — Back Issues
    In this issue: Evaluating Your Pond 10-acre Carolina Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishery David Little's Dilemma Boosting Nature's Food Chain Happy Water The Modern Beaver Trapper Pond Plastics are a Problem Planning Your Perfect Pond Off-flavor in Pond...
  • March/April 2021
    March/April 2021 — Back Issues
    In this issue: All-Female Bass Lakes Proactive Management is Better than Reactive Ken Worley's Pond Renovation Dilemma Englarging Our Pond- Wating and Planning for More Part II Selective Harvest The New Environmental Movement and Wildlife Answers to...
  • January/February 2021
    January/February 2021 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions- What Route to Take? Consierations When Creating an Entertaining Fishery Sanctuary Making Our Pond, Part 1 Performance Culling- Is There a Better Way? History of Organized Predator Control, Part2 Repeating...
  • November/December 2020
    November/December 2020 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: History of Organized Predator Control Part 1 The Carp Conundrum The One Day Hundred-Year Flood Winter Trout in the Deep South? Biodiversity Building My Own Pond Tips to Attracting Winter Songbirds End of the Beginning- Private Lake at a...
  • September/October 2020
    September/October 2020 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Using Game Cameras to Survey Wildlife Fetch- It's in the wind. And, walking on the original ground Rocks are My Friends Pond Invaders Pond Vegetation Not Enough Clay Spoils a Liner Enjoying Nature Up Close and Personal Pushing the Limits...
  • July/August 2020
    July/August 2020 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: The Forgiving Dove Predator or Prey? Water Are You a High-Voltage Manager? Leeches Happen Tod's Job Unwanted Summer Visitors Pond Treatment Gone Bad Using Fish from the Old Pond Solar III Stocking Rates Bottom Diffused Aeration vs...
  • May/June 2020
    May/June 2020 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Nanobubble Technology It's Crawfish Season Mistake Made Managing for Trophy Largemouth Bass Phytoplankton Die-Off Solar Power II Manage for Ice Fishing Ponds Now Freshwater Prawns- Novel Forage? Livestock and Wildlife: Are they Compatible...
  • March/April 2020
    March/April 2020 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: New Pond Owners have a Steep Learning Curve Grass Carp An Introduction to the Biology of Cyanobacteria Humic Substances in Water Solar Power Springtime and Spawning Helping Lawns Help Ponds Providing Shelter for Wildlife Common Carp Fishing an...
  • January/February 2020
    January/February 2020 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Florida Pond Make Over All Sunfish are Basically the Same, Right? Hatching Walleye in Kansas The pH of Pond Water Siphon This! Stocking Walleye Trophy Hybrid Striped Bass in Small Impoundments Human Injuires and Fatalities from WIldlife? What...
  • November/December 2019
    November/December 2019 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Remodeling an Older Small Pond Managing a Small Hatchery Support Pond History of Pond Management Part 4 Enhance Your Fisheries Program with Fertilization and Liming Beneath the Underground Smallies on a Budget Fall Management Techniques and...
  • September/October 2019
    September/October 2019 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Tiger Muskies- Their Role in Private Ponds and Lakes Does Fall Turnover Cause Problems? History of Pond Management Part 3 Water Chemistry for Dummies Water Quality Woes Low Oxygen Under Ice Pond Harmony- Achieving your Pond's Balance...
  • July/August 2019
    July/August 2019 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Evaluating Your Pond Thermocline Effects on Your Pond's Life History of Pond Management Part 2 Some Questions and Answers About Water Welcome to the Leaky Pond Club Designing a Minnesota Pond: Preliminary Work is Important Tagging Fish:...
  • May/June 2019
    May/June 2019 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Lake Versus Fish Turtles History of Pond Management Part I Pond Arithmatic Understanding When to Prioritize Electrofishing Myths and Misunderstandings about Predator Fish Otter Predation? Judging your Fish Fur and Feathers Versus Fins: The...
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