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  • March/April 2019
    March/April 2019 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: The Art of Pond Management How Fish Spawn Harmonious Food Chains Your Pond's Carbon Footprint Fundamental Principles When Fertilizing Trophy Largemouth Bass Fisheries Yellow Perch Spawning Moving to Move More Dirt Stop Feeding for Spring...
  • January/February 2019
    January/February 2019 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Rotenone: Starting a Lake Over. How this Decision was Made Aquatic Plant Primer All Female Bass: A Tale of Trophy-Size Fish Agricultural Limestone Terminology Largemouth Bass Movement in Flooding Events What's Happening Under that Ice...
  • November/December 2018
    November/December 2018 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Should He Renovate? The Pond Management Industry Should He Build It or Not? Sizes and Abundance of Dissolved and Suspended Substances in Water Thinking Past the Obvious Picking the Right Predator Fish Trying to Collar Water What Do Quail Eat...
  • September/October 2018
    September/October 2018 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Trends in Pond Management The Good Aquatic Insects Picking Your Horses To Win... Culling to the Championship Nothing is Perfect Including Pond Management Recommendations Getting to the Core of the Project Walleye, the Other White Meat Making...
  • July/August 2018
    July/August 2018 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: A Mutual Commodity How Much Underwater Grass is Enough? Lessons Learned from Fish Kills Bacteria in Fish Ponds Recipe for a Dam The Real Skinny on Micro-Managing Fat Fish What Do Bass Really Eat? Stomach Contents of Largemouth Bass Attracting...
  • March/April 2018
    March/April 2018 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Not All Fish are the Same Maintaining a Healthy Forage Population Aquatic Vegetation Fish Kills I Told You Stocking Northern Waters Think Like a Fish Predator Identification in Deer Management Weather the Storm Aquatics Plant Primer Marking...
  • January/February 2018
    January/February 2018 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Non-Traditional Stocking Strategies Fish Cages at the Dock Magical Fishing Spot Color of Fish Pond Waters Part II: Building the Fishing Pond of Your Dreams Winterize Your Pond Repairing the Repaired Spillway In need of new deer aging...
  • November/December 2017
    November/December 2017 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Pond Boss VII Conference and Expo is in the Books Sunfish Babies Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishery Keys to Sustainability Do Microbial Amendments Improve Water Quality in Ponds? Giant Bluegills- Genetics of Plasticity? Do some Bluegills Grow Huge...
  • September/October 2017
    September/October 2017 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: What's in a Dock? Practical Use of Relative Weight- How to Make Science Relevant with Your Pond What Laregmouth Bass Should I Stock? Climate Change and Sportfish Ponds Berekely Lake Restoration- 2nd Chances Planning, Implementation and...
  • July/August 2017
    July/August 2017 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Building Bigger Bass Periphyton Raised Fishing- Private Water Management and Professional Bass Fishing Water Analysis Reports for Sportfish Ponds Berekley Lake Restoration- 2nd chances Part 1 of 3 Fish Competition A Young Fishery with a Bright...
  • May/June 2017
    May/June 2017 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Building Hatchery Ponds A Minnow is a Minnow, or is it? Planting Trees The Secchi Disk To a Fault Springtime and Spawning Aquatic Vegetation and Trophy Fisheries Prepare for Waterfowl Season Now Fish Diseases, and a Rare One When Should I...
  • March/April 2017
    March/April 2017 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: Low Maintenance Lake Design Oxygen Depletion: A Real Problem for Ponds Science Based Pond Management: Dietary Habits and Growth of Channel Catfish The Blue-Green Algae Dilemma in Fertilized Sportfish Ponds Many Sides to Algaecides Fish Aging...
  • January/February 2017
    January/February 2017 — Back Issues
    In This Issue: The Missing Links- Limiting Factors Managing Native Sunfish Pond Soil Test Reports Feed-trained, or not? Science-Based Management: Rejuvenating Old Reservoirs, A Grand Challenge for Fisheries Will Stunted Bass Grow? Recognizing Key Features of...
  • November/December 2016
    November/December 2016 — Back Issues
    25 Year Anniversary Aquatic Plant Management Update Wildlife at Large... The Squeeze on Wildlife Life Expectancy of a Pond: The Aging Aftermath .... Down to Earth Managing the Mini-Pond... Converting a Small Pond Part IV Fall & Early Winter Backyard...
  • September/October 2016
    September/October 2016 — Back Issues
    25 Year Anniversary Starting a Wildlife and Fisheries Management Plan in South Dakota Wildlife at Large... Most Invasive Invaders How Long Will My Pond Live? .... Down to Earth Inside the Water Column... Conductivity of Pond Waters Stocking Adult Largemouth...
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