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  • July/August 2010
    July/August 2010 — Back Issues
    JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED FOR YOUR POND... AN RAS. Cecil Baird tells how he built a recirculating aquaculture fish tank in his basement. Good how to info. Reference for Small Scale Aquaculture book. WATER SNAKES. Lusk provides numerous details about snakes living...
  • May/June 2010
    May/June 2010 — Back Issues
    BLUEGILL – BACKBONE OR BANE? NORTH VS SOUTH. Dave Beasly looks at the pros and cons of bluegill in the north and south and how best to manage them. HYBRID BLUEGILL. Lusk reviews the pros and cons, carrying capacity and options for these fish. REDEAR...
  • March/April 2010
    March/April 2010 — Back Issues
    ALGAE CONTROL Scott Tucker looks at philosophy and options of dealing with problem algae. Explores nutrient control, light reduction, barley straw, herbacious fish, chemicals, microbes, and aeration. LOST LOON. Greg Grimes tells of having a loon on his small...
  • January/February 2010
    January/February 2010 — Back Issues
    LOS AMIGOS. A RANCH FOR FRIENDS. Bob McFarland reviews Fred Middleton's 1200ac ranch and ponds, 5 lakes, boathouse and wildlife. WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FISH? Lusk explains what to look for if your fish have health problems. Gives symptoms of bad water...
  • November/December 2009
    November/December 2009 — Back Issues
    PLAN, CHECK, AND RECHECK FOR SHARED POND SUCCESS. Richard Paterson gives some good advice for planning and checking details before building a pond. SEEING WHAT YOUR POND SAYS – NUANCES. Lusk explains pond nuances and how to develop ways of knowing...
  • September/October 2009
    September/October 2009 — Back Issues
    FLY FISHING YOUR POND. Lusk with help of George Glazener tells how to get started fly fishing for beginners. Benefits of pond fly fishing. TURTLES. Lusk highlights some of the turtles common in ponds. THE STORY OF BREMER POND. Dwight Bremer and Dr. Willis...
  • July/August 2009
    July/August 2009 — Back Issues
    VALUABLE RIPARIAN ECOSYSTEMS. VanSchaik describes the benefits of riparian, wetland and upland ecosystems. THREADFIN SHAD. Lusk gives facts for producing big bass using threadfin shad. THE STORY OF BREMER POND. Dwight Bremer and Dr. Willis document the...
  • May/June 2009
    May/June 2009 — Back Issues
    WILDLIFE DISEASES, WARM WEATHER AND WETLANDS. VanSchaik discusses host vectors diseases of wildlife around ponds including blue tongue, bird flu, - Prevention and control options were explored. BULLFROGS. Lusk recalls his first experience with bullfrogs...
  • March/April 2009
    March/April 2009 — Back Issues
    MINIMUM TILLAGE + MIMIMUM EXPENSE = MAXIMUM EXPENSE. VanSchaik reviews various conservation tillage methods and which ones are best for wildlife. MUSHROOMING. Dave Sefton looks at wild mushrooms and provides info on season indicators, where to look, edible...
  • January/February 2009
    January/February 2009 — Back Issues
    AQUATIC FURBEARERS... NUSIANCE OR NECESSITY? VanSchaik presents good information about the habits and natural history of beavers, nutria and muskrats then discusses the roles played by weasel, mink and otter as theire predators. Control of all is discussed...
  • November/December 2008
    November/December 2008 — Back Issues
    WILDLIFE AND LAND USE. VanSchaik discuses land use options for wildlife production, competition between wildlife and farm animals, recreational land use, sport hunting & fishing economic resources. BY ALL MEANS... SAFTEY FIRST. Lusk presents a checklist...
  • September/October 2008
    September/October 2008 — Back Issues
    NORTHERN FISHES IN PONDS. Willis provided good advice about using walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth –bluegill, northern pike, yellow perch and pumpkinseed for stocking into ponds. CRAYFISH – ASSET OR LIABILITY? Dr. Richard Anderson and Lusk...
  • July/August 2008
    July/August 2008 — Back Issues
    GETTING READY FOR FALL QUAIL. VanSchaik gives lots of good advice about quail management and how to increase their numbers. Included are facts for supplemental stockings, improving habit, foods. WUELLNER AWARDED PRESTIGIOUS ALLAN SCHOLARSHIP. Lusk provides...
  • May/June 2008
    May/June 2008 — Back Issues
    FOOD PLOTS OR FEEDING STATIONS? VanSchaik discusses advantages and disadvantages of warm and cold season food plots and supplemental feeding stations for enhancing wildlife at all properties. Included soil types, location, size, mistakes, nutritive value...
  • March/April 2008
    March/April 2008 — Back Issues
    SUCCESS ON THE PRAIRIE. VanSchaik tells of a wildlife plan of action called oasis approach for deer, pheasants, quail doves, waterfowl, in a north central OK farm. WINTER AERATION RESEARCH. Willis describes a university project examines the affects of deep...
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