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  • March/April 1995
    March/April 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Texas Bass Record Falls. What mgmt techniques H. Arms used in Mills County 80 ac Lk to produce 15.7 lb bass. Insert: Run silent, run deep. Trophy angler describes his favorite fishing method. Obituary for John H.Clift. OK - TX journalist...
  • January/February 1995
    January/February 1995 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Fly Your Own F-1 Hybrid. Notes, discussion and comparison of Florida bass and it's F-1 hybrid; benefits & biology discussed. Top Off With Talapia. Benefits of using tilapia as forage for growing trophy bass. PBoss Field Notes. A. World...
  • November/December 1994
    November/December 1994 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Grow Monster Bluegill. Coppernose bgill described & explored. Big Bass On A Budget. Profile of mgmt efforts at Lake Junkpile, lease ranch. PB Field Notes. A. Turtles rarely a problem. B. Grass carp problem in TX? C. Fisheries man describes...
  • September/October 1994
    September/October 1994 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Time To Measure Up. How & when to check bass growth. B. Lusk. Plan Ahead. Part II. Repairing leaks 'nearly impossible'. by M.Otto. PB Field Notes. A. Big bass result from electronic feeders. B. 17lb 11oz bass at BassPro dies. C...
  • July/August 1994
    July/August 1994 — Back Issues
    Cover Story, Spit Your Dirt... Part I. M.Otto describes pond/lake building techniques and hints. Fed Up? Guidelines for feeding pellets to pond fish. by H.Arms. PB Field Notes. A. M.Johnson Mexican fish mgmt trip. B. Paradise Fish Club's...
  • May/June 1994
    May/June 1994 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. When Lease Is More. Advice about lake or sport-fish leasing. Maxed Out? Carrying capacity of pond/lake explored. B.Lusk. When to recognize the peak. Hauling Bass. J.Johnson's experience of hauling 24 adult bass 140 mi. Customers Write...
  • March/April 1994
    March/April 1994 — Back Issues
    Net Result. Carp removed w/ gill nets improve fishing. Net Use Tips. Visiting Anglers Pay The Freight. 200 ac fee fishing lk described. Fertile Water. Adding nutrients rewarding, but tricky. Do's & don'ts Massive VA Redear pictured; 4 lb 8 oz...
  • January/February 1994
    January/February 1994 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Smart Bass? Pond owners may be taking fish to school. Exploring hook-smart fish. Research results. Hints to prevent lockjaw bass. Adjusting Your Bag Limits. B. Lusk. Sample catch record form provided. Customers Write. A. 15 ac renovated pond...
  • November/December 1993
    November/December 1993 — Back Issues
    OUR CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WRITE: Readers Compliments. MURKY WATER. Some experiences with using grass carp. Amur of 65 pounds was shot in Lake Whitney. SURPRISE!. Reader questionaire proves revealing. Survey details reviewed. POND BOSS FIELD NOTES. 11.5 pound LMB;...
  • September/October 1993
    September/October 1993 — Back Issues
    Letters & e-mails: A. How to start tagging fish. B. Fall stocking date for rainbows? C. Fertilizer and parasites in a flow through pond? D. Will filamentous algae return? Pond Boss Recipe – Un-cola Chicken. Basting sauce for grilled chicken. BUILD...
  • July/August 1993
    July/August 1993 — Back Issues
    Letters & e-mails: A. How to get more medium sized bass? B. Best way to renovate old pond? C. Preventing water loss. D. What are nutria? FOR HEAVY BASS TRY LIGHT GEAR. Some fishing methods using lighter tackle. THEY CALLED IT "ELMERS FOLLY"...
  • May/June 1993
    May/June 1993 — Back Issues
    Letters & e-mails: A. Leaking dam advice. B. Control for vegetation? C. Second fertilizer application? D. Why skinny bass after six months? CUSTOMERS WRITE. A. Ponds good for fly fishing. B. Magazine request from prison. C. Praise mail. STOCKING FLORIDA...
  • March/April 1993
    March/April 1993 — Back Issues
    Letters & e-mails: A. Pros & cons of alligators in TX. B. Rebuilt pond stocking. C. Beaver control. CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WRITE. A. Reader has fishing raft plans. B. Rainbow trout as forage. C. Karmex is harmful. MINI-BOATS, MAXI-ACTION. Selection of...
  • January/February 1993
    January/February 1993 — Back Issues
    Ask The Pond Boss: A. Syrofoam blocks for dock? B. Drilling mud or sack gel fixes leak? C. Florida bass? COVER STORY. SOME STATES WILL IGNORE YOUR RECORD. Discussion about states not allowing fish from private waters as certified large fish records. Listing...
  • November/December 1992
    November/December 1992 — Back Issues
    Letters & e-mails: A. What are a few tips to reduce a leaky pond? B. Can you eat fish after using Karmex? C. Source for Bundle flower and Englemann daisy? D. How not to repeat a "moss" problem next year. BUILD YOUR OWN FISH HOTEL. How to start...
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