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  • March/April 2000
    March/April 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Algae Alert. Pros offer tips for the control of algae. Copper Compounds and Algae--The Flip Side. Natural control reviewed & disadvantages of coppersulfate and alternative use chelated copper products. Includes 13 algae prevention tips...
  • January/February 2000
    January/February 2000 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Feds Probe Cormorants. Cormorant, Q&A. Take The Work Out Of Fertilizing. Clever method of distributing fertilizer. Ask The P.Boss. A. Reader doesn't see fry from bgill beds. B. Request for pond specialist in upper SC. C. Query about...
  • November/December 1999
    November/December 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Ponder Your Pond. Winter mgmt. hints from the pros. Noxious Plant Invades South. Giant salvinia aggressive floating aquatic weed described. Field Notes. A. Fishing tournament for piranha. B. Sonar treatment controls milfoil in NY reservoir. Ask...
  • September/October 1999
    September/October 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Going In The Tank. Hints for building you own lakeside low cost fertilizer dispenser. Cover Story Pt II. Income From Fish. Making your pond make money. Crash course on 'fishing club mgmt 101'. The Living Windbreak. Shoreline plantings of...
  • July/August 1999
    July/August 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Testing The Waters. Tips from pros on pH, alkalinity, & other mysteries. INSERT BRIEF Aeration Benefits not easy to see. Castor named office manager. Know Pond Life. Water milfoil Spreading To New Waters. Description, pond role, control...
  • May/June 1999
    May/June 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Pulling The Plug. Tips for renovating a pond. "X" Marks The Spot. Details for making underwater tree structures. Know Pond Life. Bladderwort A Common Plant. Distribution, pond role, control tips. Ask P.Boss. Controlling fila. algae and...
  • March/April 1999
    March/April 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Win The War On Weeds. Pros point out the best methods for weed control. Insert- Hydrilla & weed chopper boat described. Well-Managed Pond. Walleyes Too Costly To Culture. Elmer Hedlund describes walleye and yellow perch food conversion...
  • January/February 1999
    January/February 1999 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Stocking The Big 5. B.Lusk's review of the 5 most popular fish for ponds. Well-Managed Pond. Tennessee Pond Owners Honored. Harold & Betty Wilson's 7 ac pond on 329 acres. Field Notes. Booklet Offers Hints on Fee Fishing. "Fee...
  • November/December 1998
    November/December 1998 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Three For The Show. 3 Tips to protect & beautify your lake. Make Your Own Spawning Bed. fishing club in NE TX improves spawning sites. Hay Bales help reduce soil erosion into pond. Well Managed Pond. TX fish kill catch & release...
  • September/October 1998
    September/October 1998 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Potential Pond Pests. Cormorants, beavers, otters, turtles investigated and discussed. Pond Life. Cattail Plays a Role. distribution, life history, pond role. Field Notes. Georgia Consultant Battles Watersheild - S.O'Gorman deals with 10 ac...
  • July/August 1998
    July/August 1998 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Spend Less Get More. 5 Simple money Saving Tips. Weed control shade cloth, L-shaped swing-out fish feeder boom, apply fertilizer, transport fingerlings, hay clears muddy water. Know Pond Life. Carp Overrated AS A Villain. Description, life...
  • May/June 1998
    May/June 1998 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. The Dirty (half-) Dozen. Identifying and controlling the worst aquatic weeds. Part II. Weed Problems Where to Turn for Help. Well Managed Pond. Fertilizer Keeps Weeds in Check. E.Hedlund discusses how fertilizing helped control rooted plants in...
  • March/April 1998
    March/April 1998 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. From the Bottom Up. Fertilizing is the best way to stimulate the food chain. Best ways to do it. Good fact filled article. PBoss offers a Convenient Fertilizer. Well Managed Pond. Part I.Feeding Answers Many Questions. Why and How To's. Part...
  • January/February 1998
    January/February 1998 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Homemade Habitat- How to build fish hotels for $5 or less each. Ray Scotts method. Mexico Lake Like Private Pond. Large dumb & aggressive bass in Lake Huites (30000 ac) Ray Scott offers new video "Great Small Waters" Ask PBoss. A...
  • November/December 1997
    November/December 1997 — Back Issues
    Cover Story. Autumn Inventory. Take Stock of your fishery; B.Langjahr & B.McCune provide advice. WELL-MANAGED POND. Texas Lakes Give Hint of Canada. Quantum Lakes 3 hr south of Dallas are described. ASK POND BOSS. A.Infertile Waters = Boney Fish. B...
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